The Upside of Getting Older

It’s birthday week for me.  Don’t ask how old I am.  I say this not to avoid revealing my age, but because I don’t feel up to doing the math.  I decided long ago that I would not dwell on the number, and I seriously have to back up to my year of birth to figure it out.  But no one questions the age any more.  That’s just one of the benefits I see to getting older.

That avoidance of the age issue also means I no longer get those “humorous” birthday cards about memory loss, gray hair, sagging boobs, or birthday cakes on fire.  And if I do, it’s most likely to come from someone who’s older, and that’s okay.

I am quite aware that gravity has taken its toll in the form of crow’s-feet, a permanently furrowed brow (thanks, kids), and saggy jowls.  But the cool thing about that is that nature has provided me with my own little permanent soft-focus filter in the form of declining eyesight.  Everyone else may see me in HD, but that’s not my problem. 

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