Slow Death By Banking

I was going to write a really funny post today.  Really I was.  But somehow, I’m no longer in the mood to be light-hearted and care-free.  Seems the realities of life keep getting in the way.

As I opened my internet browser, a news item caught my eye on the home page.  Turns out  MY bank is going to now start charging me fees for using my debit card.  Apparently, financial institutions are suffering fallout from financial reform and need to pick up some extra money from us to make their numbers.

Well, that’s officially it…this person has had enough.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t expect something for nothing. I’m willing to pay for extra services if I have to, although I don’t think I’m really given a choice here other than changing to another bank who will follow the same path eventually.

But I’m confused.  What does my bank want me to do?  They’ve already begun assessing fees if I go INSIDE the bank, because apparently that’s considered top-notch, individualized service that I must pay a premium for.  So, I did what I was supposed to and quit going inside the bank.  I also quit using the drive-thru service.  They used to charge only when I used other banks’ ATM’s.  So I stopped doing that too.  I pay bills on-line.  Hell, I even went paperless to help them out.  We won’t tell them that I really just didn’t want to receive a 42-page bank statement every month showing my $1-2 debit purchases for cokes and crackers.  No, I was being green!

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