Holy “Freshly Pressed”, Batman! What Did I Do Right?

I got off to a rocky start today, suffering from lack of sleep and an aching back.  I had to do a quick preparation for an IT training class and my only goal was to make it through with no permanent scarring.  And on top of all that, I had to face the daily commute with my hubby driving Earnhardt-style.  I did what I always do from the passenger seat to avoid assuming the fetal position…my phone “stuff”. 

Now phone “stuff” includes, but is not limited to, the following:  checking emails, Facebook notifications, Tweets, a round of Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, reading important news, such as how Kirstie Alley lost 100 pounds, and a quick glance at the ol’ blog stats. 

Nine views.  I was content with that for such an early hour.  But while my post count was moving, I had no referrals, no clicks, and a general lack of data.  I made a mental note to visit the WordPress forum to make an inquiry.  Later.  I had bigger fish to fry.

So by the time I was able to do my next stat check, you can only imagine the shock.  200+ views by lunchtime.  WTH?  I was fearful.  Fearful that I had made a major blogging faux pas, a horrendous typo resulting in an obscene word in a headline, a video link that links to a porn site or worse yet, some spamming scam.  Or had I been hacked?  I know…my mind goes crazy places.

Before I could look into this further, views were up to 400+. 

“Could it be?” I thought.  “Dare I look? ” Well, if you’re here, you may already know the answer. 

Yes, I’ve been fresh-pressed!  To non-WordPressers, this means my last blog post was highlighted on the WordPress home page.  It also means that I get a you-know-what-load of traffic (I’ve learned Freshly Pressed doesn’t like bad words, so I’m being good).  And I can skip the forums now, because all my stats are working.  Man, are they working!  At last check, it showed 3,000 views and referral links through other blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and places I’ve never heard of (maybe a porn site for “Men Who Like Boots”).  A little scary, but at least I’m not talking to myself any more. 

I don’t know how or why, but I’m there for the moment, and I’m going to bask in the spotlight for just a while and welcome all the new followers that are here. I’ve got lots of new blogs to discover, so I’ll be reading for a while. 

Then I will start on my next goal.

42 thoughts on “Holy “Freshly Pressed”, Batman! What Did I Do Right?

    • I know! Not only that but right after I published my lucky post, I was commenting on someone else’s post that was satirizing those who get Fresh-Pressed. And I was basically agreeing, haha. What a shocker the next day. Now I’m back to reality!

  1. Just got FP’ed myself. I’m thinking, what now? How can I top this 24 hours of fame? After this it’s only going down. How do I get more readers through this? Any advise?

    • Yep, mine’s levelling out now. I’m pretty new at this myself, as you could tell from my excitement, so I’m still trying to figure all this out. I definitely increased subscribers by being fresh-pressed…hopefully no one will leave me now, haha. Traffic took about a week to level off and I’m still way ahead of where I was. I tried to respond to all comments, but I got behind. And my comments were getting pretty repetitive anyway. Otherwise, I’d just communicate with those who visit your page. Maybe even try to visit and comment on their pages too if you can fit it all in. Then follow-up with a good post as soon as you can. Although this one was my follow-up post and now it looks like I was self-promoting a little bit probably. And I was :)

  2. I loved Mama Needs A New Pair Of Boots and Holy “Freshed Pressed”…
    I only had time to read yesterday – was in too big of a hurry to find the end to your comments. :)
    But I am a subscriber now so I’ll work on that patience thing!
    Congrats – this was well-deserved!

  3. I really enjoy your blog and thus am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. (nothing quite as fancy as being Freshly Pressed.) If you accept the nomination, please go to my blog to accept your award. You have to do a few things, but nothing illegal ;-)

  4. good for you! just wondering… do you find it’s better to tag many things?? haha I’m a relatively new blogger on wordpress and I can’t figure out if tagging alot of things or a little makes a difference!? congrats xoxo MCS

    • I really have no idea. I’ve always thought the more, the better, but they do look rather funny when you post and they’re all at the top. And I put silly ones, so they’ll bring in crazy Google searches and will also show up in my cloud, haha. But I have started using some of the more common ones that WordPress promotes too. I’m really just experimenting. I did notice, though, that WordPress advises against more than 10. I just don’t know why.

  5. I’m with Missjlouise – I found you on freshly pressed and liked it. I was in the market for something new and tasty on my feedreader. To top it all off, I was wearing new fall boots so I was instantly attracted :) The only negative was my phone was buzzing like crazy with follow-ups!

  6. Congrats!
    A follow-up blog on “Life after Freshly-Pressed Fame” would be great! Do the daisies bow before you? Does the wind whisper your name? Does the very earth tremor at the sound of your computer whirring to life? :)

  7. Aw I’d love to know how you done it. My views from Facebook, twitter etc are always pretty high but I get few from other wordpress bloggers. I guess I’m only new to all this stuff but hopefully I can build it up :)

    • I’m pretty new too, but I think I may have used some extra basic tags…fashion was a new one for me. I usually put silly things in my tags just to see what pulls in people from Google. That, or I posted at just the right time.

  8. Wow! How cool, How did you do it? I swear there must be a magic word that you need to mention a specific number of times to get pressed. Well, thats ONE of my theories. I can imagine checking your crazy stats must have been a highlight to your day. Despite the lack of $$ blogs bring in they still are so rewarding. And yours by the way seems really funny, I’ll be back for more for sure! :D Congrats xoxox

    • I really don’t know. WordPress sent an email with a link to an article that details what they’re looking for. I’ll have to clean up my emails and pull it out…would make for a good future blog, huh? Thanks!

  9. I love your post about being freshly pressed! Congratulations! I got freshly pressed last week and was so excited – I could barely leave the stats page alone! Enjoy – it is so fun! (ps – I loved the FP post too!)

  10. Haha! I love reading the first post after a blogger has been Freshly Pressed. This is my third for today. I wish I could see footage of your face when you seen your stats shoot up.

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